MSP4BIO at the IV Webinars of the MED-MSP-CoP: Sharing knowledge as key for advancing MSP practice

Published: Friday, 23 February 2024 Print Email

Margarita at the IV Webinars of the MED


On February 13th, Margarita Stancheva (CCMS) presented the MSP4BIO project at one of the technical webinars that MED-MSP-CoP organises on a regular basis.

The aim of these webinars is to:
 •  Disseminate valuable practices on MSP in the Mediterranean
 • Illustrate how such experiences tackle some of the key challenges addressed by the MED-MSP-CoP, including “MSP for MPAs” and “MSP as key enabler for SBE strategies and initiatives”
 • Provide a regular opportunity for an open discussion on MSP-related issues of common interest for the MED-MSP-CoP experts
 • Invite any other experts in participating to the discussion and more in general to join the MED-MSP-CoP.

In this event, several points to be capitalised were highlighted, such as:

  • MSP4BIO process of CoPs engagement – a series of interactions to facilitate exchange, build ownership and ensuring uptake of developed MSP4BIO tools in the test areas and beyond, keep their interest and show the added value of being a CoP member.
  • SeaSketch tool and participatory mapping survey for trade-off analysis – the step-by step methodology has the potential to be replicated/adapted and to enhance stakeholder interest, a robust platform, leading to important discussions and diverse feedback from the CoP members.

You can access the full presentation on the MSP4BIO website!

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