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MSP GREEN Project Deliverable 5.2


We are happy to announce our next MSP-GREEN Project Deliverable 5.2: Communicating the Maritime European Green Deal (A Companion for MSP Practitioners, Decision-makers, and Marine Sustainability Communicators). The objective of this deliverable is to help promote the green transition of maritime sectors by means of planned activities in EU Member States, in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal (EGD) and the EU Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Directive. The main goal is to present sea basin-specific elements of the maritime EGD that could be considered in communication strategies. Maritime cultural specificities of the EU sea basins that could act as enablers of maritime EGD communication are also considered.

This document is conceived to inspire. It is informed by official EU policies regarding the EGD and the MSP, a survey submitted to MSP experts, input from the MSP-GREEN project consortium and scientific literature. In order to support communication actions and campaigns surrounding the EGD, the document provides a series of suggestions.

In addressing WHAT to communicate about the maritime EGD and HOW to do this, making choices was extremely difficult. In fact, all aspects of the maritime EGD are important, and deciding what to prioritise can be a matter of minimal differences. While this document is valid in the current context, it will hopefully be overtaken by the changes triggered by the green transition itself. Future readers in particular may wish to verify that the suggestions presented here have not lost their validity. Readers will find a series of suggestions regarding the main aspects of the maritime EGD and how it could be communicated more clearly and effectively using different media and communication methods.

Communication is always a complex recipe where the ingredients need to be mixed for a specific audience. The hope is not to bore them but to leave them wanting more. Institutional communication is even more intricate, and the number of variables encompassed by MSP and the EGD, especially when considering an entire sea basin, make it very difficult to set out standard approaches. That said, readers will find examples of different maritime realities which may help to engage maritime stakeholders and coastal populations by means of relatable content surrounding MSP and the EGD. The information contained in this document is not set in stone. Readers might like to think of it as an educated companion who can provide some useful suggestions.

Read and enjoy this inspiring document following the MSP-GREEN website:

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